Home    Girl Scout Troop 1510 - Backpacking to Pole Steeple  5/21/2011  
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Pole Steeple is a part of the very large South Mountain Group located within Pine Grove Furnace State Park and just northwest of Gettysburg . This tiny summit offers one of the most rewarding views of the Pine Grove Furnace State Park. Though not very high, Pole Steeple provides an excellent viewpoint for the central part of the South Mountain Massif. Looking southwest you can see Sunset Rocks on Little Rocky Ridge. In the valley, nearly five hundred feet below, lies Laurel Lake with its sandy beaches and dam. Also, to the west you can see the central ridge of South Mountain as it reaches heights of just over two-thousand feet. In its formation, this summit along with the rest of South Mountain was created during the collision of the last Pangaea as North America slammed into the continent of Africa. Pole Steeple is made up of a beautiful white and maroon colored quartzite.

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